No matter the time of year, insulating your attic should be at the top of your home maintenance “to-do” list. Columbus has a few more weeks of winter weather, then spring will be here, followed by summer heat and humidity.  If your home isn’t well insulated, you’ll pay too much in winter heating bills AND summer air conditioning costs!

You can fight high utility costs by installing the proper type and amount of attic insulation. However, installing attic insulation is a project that’s best left to the professionals for four important reasons.

  1. Building standards for insulation vary between Ohio counties, and it’s important to meet the minimum requirements for your specific area. At Muth and Company, it’s our job to stay current on the insulation requirements for every county we serve.
  2. Prep work is important when it comes to an insulation project. Soffits, bath fans and other electrical work can pose challenges that are best left to the pros.
  3. Attics can be dangerous places to work in. The floorboards aren’t always secure and accidents can happen if you aren’t used to working in this space.
  4. Fiberglass insulation can irritate the skin and respiratory system, so care must be taken when installing. The Muth Team has years of experience working in attics and on rooftops, and we know how to do it safely.

Stay out of your attic and let Muth climb up there for you! We will conduct a thorough inspection and provide you with a written form detailing your home’s problems and, most importantly, how we can offer solutions. Contact Muth & Company at (614) 882-0900 to schedule an attic inspection today!

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