What’s one of the most popular trends in roofing today? Metal! Modern technology has produced beautiful metal roofing products that are incredibly tough, extremely durable and similar in appearance to several other sought-after roofing materials. Unfortunately, many homeowners are still confused or misinformed about certain characteristics of metal roofing. This week, your favorite local roofing company, Muth & Company Roofing, would like to discuss some of the most common myths associated with metal roofing.

Top 4 Myths About Metal Roofing

Myth 1: Metal roofs get hotter than asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs reflect back much of the solar radiation that’s typically absorbed by an asphalt roof. When the amount of sunlight the roof absorbs is reduced, the corresponding amount of heat transferred into your home is minimized–a huge help when it comes to cooling your home during Ohio’s hot summers.

Myth 2: Metal roofs attract lightning.

A metal roof does not increase the chances of your home being struck by lightning. In the event that a metal roof should be hit by lightning, the charge will be dissipated evenly over the roof, reducing overall damage. In addition, metal cannot burn like other roofing materials, giving you tremendous fire protection. 

Myth 3: Metal roofs are noisier when it rains.

Modern metal roofs are installed over several layers of roofing materials. These include a layer of roofing felt and a thick layer of sheathing (usually plywood). Some metal roofs are even laid over existing roofing. The result is a well-insulated, waterproof roof that’s often quieter than the standard asphalt shingle roof.

Myth 4: Metal roofs are unattractive.

Metal roofing now comes in dozens of colors to match your brick, stone, or vinyl siding. Some metal shingles even have the look of real clay and slate tiles and wood shingles or shakes. Metal roofing systems also carry extensive warranties against fading, chipping, chalking, and rusting, ensuring that their beauty will last a lifetime.

A metal roof may be the last roof you ever buy. If you think this material may be right for your home or business, contact Muth & Company Roofing at (614) 682-3060 to schedule a FREE estimate!

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