Most homeowners want their home to look its best, and are looking for tips on how to improve curb appeal. Popular ideas include painting the front door, upgrading landscaping and finally taking care of those roof repairs you’ve been putting off. When considering how to enhance the exterior of a home, gutters don’t generally come to mind, but changing the gutter color can actually add to the visual interest of your home.  

Tips to Choose the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

Making a Statement vs. Blending In

Before choosing the perfect color for your home’s gutters, there’s one very important question that must be answered: Do you want your gutters to stand out or are you more comfortable blending in? While most home improvement experts tend to lean toward gutter colors that blend in with the rest of the home, there is a case to be made for choosing a color that will accent other exterior colors and turn what has traditionally been viewed as a solely functional feature on your home into a thing of beauty.

How to Stand Out 

If you have your own unique style and have never been one to follow the crowd, a gutter color that stands out (yet still complements your home’s exterior) may be just right for you. Aluminum gutters painted a timeless colonial blue or refreshing green, for example, would contrast well with a brick facade as well as white siding. For more high-end or historic homes, the superior quality, craftsmanship and lovely patina of copper guttering and downspouts can really make a statement.

The Trick to Blending In

The easiest way to make sure your gutters blend in with the rest of your home is to select a color that matches your exterior trim. Gutters that have been painted white, for instance, tie in perfectly with white window and door trim. Another option is to choose a color that’s the same shade as the exterior walls of your home.

Get Advice From Gutter Professionals

With the many coordinating colors and materials Muth & Company Roofing has to choose from, finding seamless aluminum gutters in just the right shade for your home is a breeze. Whether your style is traditional or unique, our gutters will complement your home’s roofing system while also boosting its curb appeal. For a free estimate on gutter replacement, give us a call today at (614) 682-3060.

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