What Causes Roof Leaks?

What causes roof leaks can vary. From serious damage to your roof by a storm, to the age of your roof. Eventually, your roof will develop problems. Small roof leaks can quickly turn into a massive problem, from damaged insulation to black mold or even structural damage to your home. It chips away at the material’s …

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How Does Hail Damage Affect Your Roofing?

Hail damage can have a big impact on your roofing. It’s important to know what to look for and to be familiar with your homeowner’s policy so you’ll know what your insurance will cover.  

A Strong Roof During Spring Storms

When it comes to frequency of severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hail, the states in the Midwest have it quite bad.  Ohio residents are no strangers to extreme weather conditions. Make sure your home can stand up against nature. Start where it matters the most – your roofing system. The best way to withstand severe weather …

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Tips to Choose a New Shingle Color

The color and type of roofing material which you choose to protect your home have a big impact on its overall appearance. Choose the wrong style or color, and your roof could end up standing out like a sore thumb.

Keeping Our Customers Happy: Recent Customer Reviews

No business can be successful if they don’t strive to keep their customers happy by providing reliable workers, superior workmanship and excellent customer service. And that is why we say, “We won’t finish until you are 100% satisfied.”

Pros and Cons of Winter Roof Repair

In a perfect world, roofing issues would only pop up when the weather is warm and dry, but sometimes winter leaks caused by ice dams or failing materials demand winter roof and gutter repairs. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem for experienced roofing companies like Muth and Company Roofing. While there are a few limitations regarding …

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Chad’s Top 5 Tips for Winterizing Your Home

As a roofing professional who’s been in business for 25 years, company owner Chad Muth knows virtually all there is to know about preparing your home to face another frigid Columbus winter. Here are Chad’s top five tips to make sure all your systems are up to par before super-cold weather hits.

Summer Water Safety Tips

As summer progresses and the weather continues to heat up, more and more people look forward to spending their free time playing in the water and basking in the sun at the pool or on the lake. Here at Muth & Company Roofing, we care about our community, and would like to share the following …

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Top 4 Ice Dam Myths

There is a lot of misinformation out there about how and why ice dams form, and what can be done to prevent them. Here are just a few myths relating to ice dams and the corresponding truths that might help you better understand ice damming.

Is Your Chimney Ready for Santa?

With winter weather finally settling in and Christmas only days away, now is the time to make sure your chimney is ready for Santa. After all, we don’t want the jolly old elf covered in soot and grime from a dirty chimney, do we? So follow these tips for a safe, clean, leakproof chimney this …

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Winter Roofing Problems to Look Out For

If you haven’t had an annual roof inspection, your roof may have issues that you don’t discover until winter hits. To protect your roof, keep an eye out for these winter roofing problems, and address them as soon as possible to minimize damage.

Why Small Animals Can Mean Big Trouble for Your Home

If you have noticed strange scratching or other noises coming from your attic or roof, you may have some unwelcome visitors trying to take up residence. While birds and small animals like squirrels and raccoons may seem harmless, it’s a very bad idea to allow them to hang around. Here’s why.

The Curse of the Storm Chasers

When you think of storm chasers, you probably picture crazy storm enthusiasts chasing down tornadoes. When it comes to roofing, however, storm chasers come after the storm, and often mean bad news for homeowners.

How to Find a Reliable Roofer

Although Muth & Company Roofing is among the leading roofing companies in Columbus, OH, it is always a good idea to do research and familiarize yourself with any company you will be working with for your peace of mind. Here are some tips on what to look for in an experienced, dependable roofing company.

All About Mold: Causes & Solutions

There can be multiple causes of mold in your home, but they all boil down to one main culprit: moisture. Excess moisture in your home can lead to mold growth in a surprisingly short time period.

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