Flashing - What It Is and Why It Matters to Your HomeThe most important component of your roofing system may be something you’ve never heard of: flashing.

For your home or business, flashings are one of the first barriers of defense against the elements. It consists of strips of aluminum or galvanized steel. These protect the most vulnerable areas of a roof, such as over joints. And, at the gap between where roofing material ends and a wall or protrusion. Examples of these include where a skylight or a chimney begins.

By properly installing it at these points, Columbus, Ohio roofers can prevent water from seeping in and causing damage.

Keeping the Water Out

If you have a roof leak and your shingles are in good repair, chances are the culprit is a problem with your flashing. These sections can be damaged by high winds, they may slide out of place if nails are missing. Or the caulk used to seal around them may dry and crack over time. The metal can also become corroded or weak. All of these issues allow water to penetrate underneath.

Here are common locations for flashing installation (and leaks).

  • Valleys. A valley is a line where two roof planes intersect. It is common to use metal in this area to reinforce the area since valleys channel large amounts of water off a roof.
  • Apron. Where roofs meet a vertical wall, apron flashing (also known as head wall flashing) should be installed behind siding or over brick. If flashing is bent the wrong way, it will instead channel water toward the home.
  • Wall step. Step flashings are installed over the shingles where a sloped roof rises along a vertical wall. They are prone to rust and holes.
  • Chimney. Chimney flashing installation demands the skill of an experienced installer because even the tiniest crack can allow a tremendous amount of water to leak into the chimney. Proper installation includes step flashing and counter-flashing to cover the top.
  • Vent. These often are a rubber seal with an aluminum flashing to seal around vent pipes. The problem is that the rubber can crack and fail quickly, often in as little as 10 years.

Don’t let damaged or improper flashing lead to premature deterioration of your roof.

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