Key Roofing Danger Signals

Don’t get caught with sudden, costly repairs. Keep a close eye on your roof and find out how to spot problems, including these 7 key roofing danger signals, before they severely impact your wallet. A leak in the attic is one of the key roofing danger signals After a strong storm or wind-driven rain, take …

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Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Delay

If you’re out of work, or at risk of being out of work, focus on home repairs you shouldn’t delay. These home repairs include fixing roofs, shoring up foundations, and repairing or replacing malfunctioning furnaces. In short, think of all the things that could cause your house to flunk a home inspection. It will if your …

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What Causes Roof Leaks?

What causes roof leaks can vary. From serious damage to your roof by a storm, to the age of your roof. Eventually, your roof will develop problems. Small roof leaks can quickly turn into a massive problem, from damaged insulation to black mold or even structural damage to your home. It chips away at the material’s …

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