If you own a home, you know that the costs of maintaining it can add up quickly. Along with routine seasonal maintenance, there always seems to be something that needs fixed, replaced or updated. As a homeowner, it’s always a good idea to try to save money by getting two projects done at once, so it would be smart to consider having Muth and Company Roofing install new attic insulation for you at the same time as your next roofing project. Here are a few reasons this is a good idea.

3 Reasons to Replace Attic Insulation When You Get a New Roof

  • Combining projects can save time and lower costs. If there’s already a roofing crew at your house doing repairs or replacing your roof, it doesn’t make much sense to call them back at a later time to replace or add insulation. With a contractor already on site and available to inspect your insulation and provide an estimate, and workers and equipment ready to go, taking care of both projects at the same time is much more convenient and can even save you money. Plus, there’s less mess, less noise and less disruption to your home life when you can schedule two projects at once.

  • Roofers can catch attic ventilation problems. Roofers are in the perfect position to notice problems with attic ventilation. When an attic isn’t vented properly, warm air gets trapped and the moisture in that air builds up and forms condensation. This creates the perfect environment for mold growth and wood rot, and if your insulation gets damp as well, it will lose its insulating power. If a condensation problem is noted, your roofer can recommend and install the appropriate venting to prevent further problems.

  • Any insulation problems will be noticed by the roofers. Due to the attic’s close proximity to the roof, roofers can inspect insulation for serious problems, such as mold and mildew growth. If your roofer does find an issue, it will need to be taken care of quickly, and the quickest and most efficient way to do that is to install new attic insulation at that time.

Trust Muth and Company for Expert Improvements

Muth and Company Roofing is up-to-date on all the latest products and construction techniques. Whether we are adding attic vents, installing insulation or replacing a roof, you can be sure of superior products and superior workmanship. Give us a call today at (614) 682-3060 to schedule your next roofing project.


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